Liverpool is Getting a Temporary Fast-Lane Sidewalk

Rebecca OConnell

Slow walkers are an annoyance in cities around the globe. Since we can't just shove anyone out of the way (although some New Yorkers will try), retailer Argos has found a different solution. The company opened a "Fast Track" sidewalk outside of its store in Liverpool, England.

It's just a publicity stunt but the newly marked pathway is expected to help ease the Liverpool One shopping center's traffic problems. In place for a trial period of one week, the area will separate those in a rush from the dreaded dawdlers. 

And the idea may have some merit. According to The Daily Mail, a recent poll shows that a large number of Brits would love a marked sidewalk in their own town.

"Shoppers have also told us that speed is critical when simply getting around the high street or town centre, so we want to test consumer reaction to a dedicated pavement fast lane. We hope it alleviates some of the biggest shopping high street frustrations," said Argos spokesman Andy Brown.

[h/t: CityLab]