These Iconic Sculptures Are Now Bendable Action Figures

Michele Debczak
Good Smile Company
Good Smile Company / Good Smile Company

Statues like the Venus de Milo and Michelangelo’s David have been striking the same pose for thousands of years. Now the Japanese manufacturer FREEing is producing scaled-down versions with a little more flexibility.

These famous sculptures, which also include Rodin's The Thinker, have been reimagined as 6-inch-tall action figures with articulated joints and bendable limbs. The Venus de Milo comes equipped with detachable arms, and David features moving eyeballs. The Thinker is available in the classic “bronze" or an alternative “plaster” version (the figures are actually made from polyvinyl chloride).

Sales have closed on the Venus de Milo and Thinker figurines, but you can still reserve your own posable David ahead of its May 2016 release at the Good Smile Company

Images courtesy of Good Smile Company.

[h/t Slate]