This Wi-Fi-Controlled Robot Will Push Any Button

Anna Green
Naran, Youtube
Naran, Youtube / Naran, Youtube

Korean startup Naran is developing a little robot that serves a single purpose: pushing buttons. The aptly named Microbot Push will allow users to control any analog device with an on/off button via Wi-Fi. Simply attach the tiny button-pressing bot to a light switch, stereo, or television, and flip it on and off with the accompanying Microbot Push app. 

The device is charmingly simple and impressively versatile. The app allows users to program the Microbots to automatically perform tasks under set circumstances—for instance, turning on your TV when you enter the house, or turning off the lights when you leave. Of course, the bot does have one major limitation: it can only press one button. So if you’ve got devices that require the use of more than one button to function, you either need to buy more Microbots, or operate them the old fashioned way.

If you’re interested in trying out a Microbot Push for yourself, Naran has plans to launch an Indiegogo campaign soon, and hopes to have them on the market by March of next year. For now, check out the Microbot Push promo video, in which Naran Founder and CEO Taehyun Park demonstrates some pretty creative applications for the device.

[h/t: The Verge]