These Earbuds Let You Remix Your Audio Environment

Doppler Labs
Doppler Labs / Doppler Labs

Most people wear earbuds to tune out surrounding noises, but this pair is designed to do the opposite. The Here Active Listening system allows you change the way you hear the sound around you. The device, by wearable tech company Doppler Labs, can be used for practical purposes, such as muffling background chatter in a bar or boosting the bass at a concert, or you can experiment with the product’s more playful sound effects.

By swiping your finger on a companion app that connects via bluetooth, every noise you hear can be filtered to have a booming echo or the reverb of an electric guitar. You can also choose one setting that adds a vinyl crackle to what you're hearing or another that slightly delays every incoming noise.

Doppler Labs

Doppler Labs took the project to Kickstarter over the summer and successfully raised over $635,000. They’ve since gathered $17 million in funding. One of the aspects they’re marketing the hardest is the power for users to customize their concert-going experience. Music can be amplified by listeners no matter how far their seats are from the action, and they can adjust factors like EQ to match their exact preferences. The wireless earbuds will be available in two colors: black and white. You can join the waitlist to receive a pair on Here’s website. 

[h/t: Fast Company]