New Keyboard Will Let You Write Entirely in Emojis


Over the last few years, emojis have gone from a novelty to a pretty much taken-for-granted communication supplement. By now, most of us comfortably pepper our texts and emails with an occasional smiley face, cup of coffee, or grinning poop. So it feels almost inevitable that someone would eventually release an emoji keyboard, putting the full range of tiny icons right at our fingertips. In the introductory video, EmojiWorks, an Austin-based company, says that their emoji-covered keyboard is one that “speaks your language.”

In addition to the promised emojis, the keyboard also includes regular characters (though who needs that?), and comes in three varieties. The most basic (and cheapest) version includes 47 emojis, while the most elaborate, with three emojis per key, has more than 120.

The playful keyboard won't be officially released until December, though you can place a pre-order now so that, come winter, you’ll be able to “type emoji 10 times faster than your friends at the press of a button,” according to EmojiWorks.

[h/t: The Verge]