Pod City: 9 New Podcasts To Put on Your Radar

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@lenadunham, Instagram / @lenadunham, Instagram

According to my Stitcher app, I’ve logged more than 1,010 hours listening to podcasts. Below are a few new shows I’ve come across in recent weeks—all of them interesting and well-produced—making me think I could hit that 2,000 mark before I know it.

For more recs, peruse the Pod City archive. In no particular order:

1. Women of the Hour

Lena Dunham and BuzzFeed bring us this new podcast, which features conversations about “friendship, love, work, bodies, and more.” Guests in the first episode include besties Amy Sedaris and Todd Oldham and Emma Stone.

2. Codebreaker

Do you love technology? Do you loathe it? Either way, this show might be up your alley. Hosted by Ben Brock Johnson, this co-production from Marketplace and Tech Insider explores tech-based issues. (In the first season, all episodes pose the same question about an aspect of technology: “Is it evil?”) As a bonus, each ep also includes a secret code. Figure it out, and you can access more content on the show’s website.

3. Conversation with Alanis Morissette

The singer celebrated the 20th anniversary of Jagged Little Pill this year, but her podcast is far tamer and more soft-spoken than that album. In the series premiere, Morissette tells us she’ll discuss everything from psychology to science to art, with some politics and feminism thrown in. Her first guest is relationship expert Katherine Woodward Thomas, author of Conscious Uncoupling: 5 Steps to Living Happily EVEN After

4. Esquire Classic

So far I’m really enjoying this new show, which digs up classic nonfiction pieces from Esquire and examines how they’re still relevant or influential today. The latest ep delves into The Crack-Up, the series of personal essays by F. Scott Fitzgerald that were originally published in 1936. 

5. The Trail Tapes

If you’re looking for unconventional political coverage, check out NBC News’s new offering, hosted by Jake Heller. Short eps spotlight “real people who offer a unique perspective on the election,” like a professional Donald Trump impersonator. (He’s not hurting for business right now, to say the least.)

6. The New Yorker Radio Hour

The New Yorker already has a few podcasts, but this new WNYC show is its own thing, not solely relying on the contents of the magazine. Episodes feature stories from New Yorker contributors, well-known folks, and regular New Yorkers. 

7. Tanis

If you enjoy fiction podcasts like Welcome to Night Vale and The Black Tapes—or, hey, if you’re just psyched The X-Files is coming back—sample this new serialized docudrama that delves into conspiracy theories and the unknown.

8. Aw Jeez! A Fargo Podcast

As Season 2 of the FX drama heats up, fans may want to hear this thoughtful Fargo podcast produced by Minnesota Public Radio. Sure, the series takes place in North Dakota, but hosts Tracy Mumford and Jay Gabler still offer unique perspectives on life in a snowy state. So far, guests have included show creator Noah Hawley and an NYU professor who taught a class on the Coen brothers.

9. Surprisingly Awesome

Writer and director Adam McKay (Anchorman, Eastbound & Down) and Adam Davidson (NPR’s Planet Money) share fascinating and funny facts about, in their words, “topics that seem really, really boring.” The first episode is all about mold.