Showcase What You’re Reading With These Accented Bookshelves

Michele Debczak

Oblique by Filip Janssens Posted by Design Milk on Thursday, November 5, 2015

Not all books are created equal. Instead of lining them up side by side, the Oblique collection from Belgian designer Filip Janssens features notched off compartments that allow readers to accent one book at a time. 

The shelving units can be used to show off what you’re currently reading, or to queue up what’s next on your reading list. If you have a favorite title you believe deserves a spot of its own on your wall, the unconventional bookshelf makes for a perfect frame.

Filip Janssens Posted by ArchiLettura on Friday, November 6, 2015

The shelves also act as more than just wall decorations. When installed beside your bed, they can be used as as resting spot for book after a pre-bedtime reading session. The collection features two designs that accent one book at a time, and one that showcases up to three for heavy readers. Check out more innovative designs at Filip Janssens' website.

[h/t Design Milk