The Classic Piggy Bank Has Received a Digital Upgrade

Kickstarter / Kickstarter

In an age when digital payments are the norm, shouldn't kids' piggy banks be just as high-tech? A new product called ERNIT, born from a successful Kickstarter campaign, combines the old idea of a physical piggy bank with a more modern approach—giving parents a way to teach children about forms of money other than hard currency, while also giving kids something to touch to help keep the discussion grounded in reality.

The team of co-founders worked with Danish design studio Klio to create the pig-shaped object, which features a pressable snout, legs, a curly cord tail, an internal speaker, and LED lights for the eyes and the goal meter. By using the device in conjunction with the mobile app, kids can set goals for themselves and work toward them, tracking their progress and adjusting their spending habits if necessary. (Parents can opt to link a bank account to the device, or use the device without real money involved.) The app also supports bitcoin, keeping with the idea that the new generation of money handlers should learn the importance of the current and future technology that could someday be the standard. 

The ERNIT team managed to raise $82,653 through crowdfunding to bring the project to life, and now pre-orders are open to the public on the official ERNIT website.