Map Out Your Food With State-Shaped Plates

Rebecca OConnell
Corbé / Corbé

Design studio Corbé can help you achieve ultimate state pride status with their series, The Fifty United Plates.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2013, all 50 states can be purchased in plate-form. Each crafted piece has been made to seamlessly fit next to bordering states. With a whole set, you can recreate a US map that stretches seven by four feet. Each plate is lipped, which will come in handy for the smaller and more unusually shaped states like Hawaii or Michigan.

"They’re a tribute to where you are, what you’re making, doing, eating, loving and living. It’s a local project—built for our neighbors, born of your bounty, and made only greater in it’s relation to another person, another place—a spread known as The Fifty United Plates," their Kickstarter said. 

With the help of these dishes, you can pay homage to your favorite state. You can eat apple pie on New York, serve barbeque on Texas, or enjoy cheese slices on Wisconsin. Or ditch the heritage idea and start thinking up state food puns

[h/t: Design Taxi]

All images courtesy of Corbé