Collect All These 3D Printable Corgis

eric ho
eric ho / eric ho

It's hard to believe anyone could resist the charm of the corgi, with its oversized ears, stubby legs, and chipper personality. The celebrated breed has also had some Internet acclaim with well known pictures like Red Lobster corgi and banana corgi. Now you can take a little of the Internet fame home with these themed figurines. Social media specialist Eric Ho works with a number of talented designers to make some impressive figurines that are 3D printed in multicolor sandstone. The options range from Robin Hood to Thor

"I generally have a love for Corgis, they are cute, adorable and always bring a smile to people's faces. A popular trend in the corgi community is that they love to dress and cosplay their pets so that inspired me to design a line of figurines around popular Corgi Cosplay and puns," Ho told us in an e-mail.

Besides adorably costumed corgis, Ho also makes a number of other Internet-themed products. If you need a sad frog statuette or a golden poop emoji bottle opener, now is your chance.