Chinese Researchers Have Developed Creepy Paper That Walks


Using the super-strong material graphene, researchers in China have developed "origami-inspired" paper that has the ability to fold itself when struck with infrared light, move forward or backward across a surface, and even turn corners.

"We believe that this self-folding material holds potential for a wide range of applications such as sensing, artificial muscles, and robotics," reads the research article, which was recently published in Science Advances.

Graphene has already been used in a number of applications, including the production of batteries, antennas, tennis rackets, and touchscreens for phones, but this is the most bizarre product so far. The timelapse footage makes it seem like alien technology or some kind of magic. Check out the video above from Science Magazine and head over to Science Advances to read more about the promising (but still creepy) new material.

[h/t: Engadget]