Watch a Man Use His Arm as a Virtual Keyboard


As our devices grow smaller, so do our keypads. This trend could soon be heading in the opposite direction, starting with the virtual “ARmKeypad" from the Japanese tech company NEC. 

The technology works in conjunction with a pair of glasses and a smartwatch worn by the user. Using augmented reality, the wearer’s forearm is transformed into a functioning keyboard before their eyes. The glasses allow the technology to detect and anticipate key strokes. For professionals who need to have both hands free while they work, the device could be a massive improvement over voice-command technology, which is harder to operate in loud environments. The ARmKeypad has potential applications in the fields of healthcare, manufacturing, document management, and security.

Though no price has been set yet, NEC plans to release the product to the public in 2016. See what the futuristic tech will look like in action in the video above. 

[h/t: Business Insider]