These Custom Earbuds Mold to the Shape of Your Ear

Tech Bench, Youtube
Tech Bench, Youtube / Tech Bench, Youtube

Anyone who’s ever had a set of cheap headphones fall out on a jog or struggled to hear their music on a noisy street understands a basic fact: poorly made earbuds can be pretty annoying. But the alternative, custom-fitted devices, can be prohibitively expensive and take weeks to construct. Canadian startup Revols wants to solve that problem by making more affordable custom-made earbuds that mold to fit the shape of your ear in 60 seconds. 

According to The Verge, the earbuds are filled with a pliable gel that hardens at the press of a button: All you have to do is place the earbuds in your ears, tap a button on the companion app, and wait a minute as they heat up and solidify. Once they’re done, you’ve got a set of comfortable custom-fit earbuds—which The Verge describes as “like upgrading to sleeping on a memory foam mattress after a lifetime spent on a slab of concrete”—that, according to Revols, will last for years. 

Revols claims that the earbuds will not only fit better, but also help block out outside noises better than regular earbuds. The earbuds even include a feature that allows users to adjust the level of outside noise the device lets in—in case you don’t want the world muted completely. The earbuds aren’t commercially available yet, but the company recently launched a Kickstarter that’s taking discounted pre-orders. Check it out here

[h/t: The Verge]