A Mustache Protector Straight Out of the 19th Century

Andrew LaSane

Men have been practicing the art of facial hair cultivation for centuries. Back in 1872, Eli J.F. Randolph filed a patent for a mustache guard to keep his wiry lip foliage food- and drink-free. His design was meant to "improve" on existing models, as was a later design patented by Ruben P. Hollinshead in 1890. Now that beard and mustache culture has seen a resurgence, there are several "mustache dams" and cup adapters on the market that keep beards dry while their owners sip spirits, but a Swedish-based company has decided that the wearable guard is ripe for a comeback.


The Stache Shield by Odd Company closely resembles the guards of old. It has a curved top that rests just below the nose, and the entire metal divider is made in the general shape of a mustache for full protection. As demonstrated in the Kickstarter project video above, the Stache Shield can either be worn or attached to a glass like other dams.

There's about a month left to help make the product available for the mustachioed masses, so head to the link if you're on board with the movement. Ten percent of the proceeds will go to the Movember Foundation.