The Toilet Brush Replacement That's Less Icky and More Fun

Simon Brew
Kickstarter / Kickstarter

The ingenuity found in crowdfunded projects continues, with this latest innovation declaring a long-overdue war on the humble toilet brush.

The appropriately named Loogun is exactly what it sounds like: it's a water gun for your loo. The key is that there aren't bristles, so it doesn't become laden with bacteria the way classic toilet brushes do. Instead, the brush is replaced with an intense water jet. The Loogun runs off four AA batteries that last up to 270 washes, while the built-in water reservoir holds enough for six.

The Loogun sells for roughly $40, and is available for preorder on its Kickstarter page now that it has been successfully funded. If it lives up to its claims, perhaps someone could lobby to have one made available in every public restroom as well?

This post originally appeared on our UK site.