This Organ Is Played by the Ocean


In the coastal city of Zadar, Croatia, a series of large marble steps descend into the Adriatic Sea. Pedestrians can stroll across the 230-foot staircase, or sit down on it and enjoy the ocean view. However, it’s what lies underneath the steps that make them special: a series of channels that are connected to 35 organ pipes.

Each of the pipes is tuned to different musical chords. The sea and the wind blow air through the pipes, which comes out through whistle openings on the sidewalk. The result? Random, haunting chords that echo across the shore.

The Zadar Sea Organ, or morske orgulje, was created by architect Nikola Basic in 2005. According to The New York Times, it won the 2006 European Prize for Urban Public Space the following year. Since then, it's become one of Croatia’s more notable tourist attractions. Can’t take a trip abroad right now? Listen to its “music” in the video above. 

All images courtesy of YouTube. 

[h/t OddMusic, Upworthy]