Artist Inserts Pop Culture Icons Into Classic Works of Art

hillary white
hillary white / hillary white

Illustrator Hillary White breathes new life into old artwork by injecting it with pop culture characters. Called "Pop Reinterpretations," these subversive and humorous works explore what happens when contemporary and old-fashioned cultures come together. The resulting mashups are equal parts disturbing and delightful: Some might find it somewhat unsettling to see Muppets characters making an appearance in Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights or Dorothy skipping to the Emerald City with Donnie Darko's Frank on her arm. But no one can argue that seeing the R2D2 version of Portrait Of A Man is exactly what everyone needs to see this morning.

You can see more on White's website or Society6 page. 

All images run with permission of Hillary White.