Magic Liquid Makes Any Pair of Gloves Touchscreen Compatible

Andrew LaSane

Venturing out into the cold for sport or leisure should not equal smartphone neglect, but going numb in the fingertips for the sake of a tweet or text is not ideal. Touchscreen gloves exist, but they are often much thinner than those worn while skiing, snowboarding, or performing other tasks that require heavy-duty layers—like, say, riding a motorcycle. According to the Nanotips company, a solution is here, and it is liquid.

The Vancouver-based company developed brushable liquid products for both leather and wool/fleece gloves after the founder, Tony Yu, bought a new motorcycle but found he couldn't use his phone because of his thick gloves. The Nanotips Blue and Black "conductive liquid polyamide" formulas use nanotechnology to create a semi-permanent layer on your gloves that gives them the same functionality as fingertips. The product successfully launched on Kickstarter in January 2014 and the business has since expanded. The liquid solutions are now sold online and at Brookstone and motorcycle retailers around the country.

Check out the Nanotips website to learn more.

[h/t DesignTaxi]