A Wearable That Lets You Listen to Your Partner's Heartbeat


Missing a long-distance love? London startup Little Riot has developed a device that lets you listen to your significant other’s heartbeat in real time as you lie in bed.

The gadget, called “Pillow Talk,” consists of a wristband, which detects one wistful wearer’s heartbeat and sends it over to a remote speaker via a phone app. The speaker is small enough for their partner to tuck under their pillow, hence the product’s name. Currently, Little Riot is raising money on Kickstarter to bring a prototype to the masses. Eventually, it’s expected to retail for $89.

While similar to a Fitbit or other health trackers, Pillow Talk isn’t designed to monitor your physical wellbeing, according founder Joanna Montgomery. Instead, she says, it's about “communication and feeling connected to someone.” For this reason, Montgomery thinks the product will be popular with military families and college students. However, Pillow Talk’s waiting list of more than 50,000 customers indicates that its appeal might be far more widespread. After all, what’s more universal than wanting to feel close with the person you adore?

All images courtesy of iStock. 

[h/t Slate]