In NYC, You Might Someday Be Able to Email a Tree

Kirstin Fawcett
iStock / iStock

Looking to get in touch with Mother Nature? According to Gothamist, a New York City councilman is trying to give 200 trees their very own email addresses.

Mark Levine, who represents the Upper West Side, believes that the wonders of modern technology can deepen “public engagement with the trees.” He wants urbanites to be able to shoot their leafy friends a message whenever they want, ranging from personal reflections to more practical matters, like reports of blight, rot, and other issues.

Since New York City has about 5.2 million trees, Levine’s plan would select an assortment of the plants based on certain factors like age, height, width, historical importance, and uncommon features. Signs would be posted on or near the trees, providing passersby with their contact information.

As Gothamist pointed out, New York isn’t the first city to give trees their own virtual mailboxes. Melbourne, Australia launched a similar experiment, and locals messaged their verdant pals everything from empathetic missives to simple hellos. According to Levine, New York City “is a tough place to be a tree"—but it looks like city-dwellers across the world are looking for excuses to interact with nature, virtual or otherwise.

[h/t Gothamist]