Watch a Dutch Team Build and Ride the World’s Longest Bicycle


A ride for the books. Members of the Dutch cycling club Mijl Van Mares Werkploeg earned a spot in the Guinness World Records after they built the world’s longest bike and took it for a spin.

Their 117-foot-long two-wheeler is fully functional and has just two seats: one in the front for a driver and one in the back for a peddler. The space between is occupied by lightweight aluminum trusses, in lieu of stabilizers. And it’s easy to maneuver, group leader Frank Pelt told Guinness World Records: “Just don’t turn any corners!”

The Dutch bike was certified and its place in the 2016 edition of the record book assured. But the duo's triumph was short-lived; an Australian team has since built and ridden a 137-foot bike.

[h/t: Geyser of Awesome]

Header image via Guinness World Records, YouTube