Check Out the Winners of Google's Driverless Car Design Contest

Google / Google

It’s hard to miss Google’s self-driving cars, with their vacant drivers’ seats and oddly adorable shape. Now the company’s Mountain View prototypes are about to become even more recognizable, thanks to the winning pieces of art painted on each door.

The self-driving cars hit the roads of Austin, Texas, and Mountain View, California, over the summer, and shortly afterwards Google called upon local artists to submit creative designs for their doors. The contest, titled “Paint the Town,” asked for original pieces of art based around the theme “my neighbors, my community.” The winners of the Mountain View contest have been revealed, and the designs are certainly eye-catching.

Hong Li via Google

Danielle Dufayet via Google

Kerrie Brandau via Google

Jason Farwell via Google

Kate Thompson via Google

Elise Politzer via Google

Hojin Lee via Google

Inmaculada del Castillo Ditzel via Google

Shalan Ertis via Google

James Miles via Google

Each winning artist will receive a $500 gift card and a ride in one of the driverless vehicles. Submissions for the Austin contest closed earlier this month, but locals can keep an eye out for the final designs both online and on the streets.

[h/t: The Verge]