Behold the Glory of Laser-Cooked Bacon

Michele Debczak

Some people fry their bacon, some roast it—and some cook it with a laser, supervillain-style. At least that’s what Tokyo Mathematical Science professor Kentaro Fukuchi did when looking for an innovative new cooking technique. 

For the Munchies series “Food Hacking,” Fukuchi teamed up with tech innovator and film producer Hiroshi Takai to combine technology with culinary tradition. In this case, the tech was a laser cutter and the tradition was eating raw meat. Using the laser, they singled out just the strips of fat for frying while leaving the meaty parts cold. They were able to achieve this by using imaging software to create a “map” of each strip. This instructed the computer-guided laser on which sections to burn and which to avoid. 

[h/t: Engadget]