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The Weird Week in Review

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Newport Police Dept, Oregon via Facebook
Newport Police Dept, Oregon via Facebook / Newport Police Dept, Oregon via Facebook

Four Masked Bandits Caught in the Act

There was a disturbance at an art gallery that led to an investigation. Four intruders were apprehended. A Facebook post by the Newport (Oregon) Police Department takes the burglary report to the next level, by describing the perpetrators as a gang of thieves with colorful nicknames, including “Squeaky Feets.” The gallery owner, Cris Torp, said that the raccoons got in through roof vents, which has happened before. But when they recently sealed the openings around the vents, no one knew that the raccoons were trapped inside! The animals had been in the gallery for hours, but did little damage to the artworks. “Squeaky Feets” has found fame from the caper, and now has his own Facebook page.

“KFC” Opens in Iran, Shuts Down

A restaurant called KFC Halal opened in Tehran to crowds of customers lining up to try their fried chicken. It didn’t last long. The eatery supposedly had all the necessary permits, but police shut it down after just one day of business! A sign left by authorities said the decor was too close to the American flag and American influence is dangerous. The red stripes and the picture of Colonel Sanders do look quite American. That was no accident.

"The shutting down of Halal KFC was due to a misunderstanding," the store's manager, Abbas Pazuki, reportedly said. "We are part of a brand known as Halal KFC, which comes from Turkey. It belongs to Muslims and its target market is Muslim nations," he clarified. That KFC, he says, is a "rival of the American KFC." "We are shocked with the news that an illegitimate KFC outlet has opened in Tehran, Iran," Laurie Schalow, a KFC spokesperson, told Mashable. "No franchise rights have been granted to any party in Iran. We are in contact with local authorities and external advisers and will be filing a legal action against any company or individuals claiming to have rights to open KFC."

The Colonel is indeed rolling in his grave. Read more at Mashable

Hot Pockets Saved His Life

Jason Bartley was working by computer in his apartment in Akron, Ohio, Tuesday. He went to do some errands in the afternoon, which took longer than he planned because he stopped at the store to buy some Hot Pockets for his dinner. When he arrived back home, the streets were closed because an airplane had just crashed into his building! The apartment was totally destroyed by the crash and the resulting fire, and nine people died. Bartley would have been home, too, if he hadn’t decided to stop and buy dinner.

Cocaine Farmers Switch to Chocolate for More Profit

Bad weather, along with other factors, in several nations in West Africa affected the amount of cocoa produced there, and cocoa futures have risen 39% in the past three years due to the shortage. As a result, farmers in South America are increasing giving up coca for cocoa. Governments in cocaine-producing nations have tried for years to steer farmers away from coca production, but their efforts are being superseded by market forces. In Colombia alone, cocoa production has risen 11% in the past 12 months. The rise in cocoa prices is presumed to be the reason. Besides being more profitable, cocoa farming is less dangerous.

Mayhem in the Land of Oz

Police were called to the scene of a fight on Halloween night in Innisfil, Ontario. The South Simcoe Police department posted a wonderful report on the incident on Facebook.

Sometimes, our officers see things that are hard to believe. Early on Saturday, October 31, 2015, around 1:00 a.m., officers were dispatched to the Stroud Arena for a fight call. When they arrived on scene, they saw a man in costume as the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz, being treated by paramedics. Three ladies, dressed as Dorothy, Glinda the Good Witch, and the Wicked Witch of the East, told the officer that the Tin Man had been punched by his friend the Scarecrow. The Scarecrow didn't have the brains to stick around, and ran away with the Cowardly Lion. Turns out the Tin Man didn't have the heart to lay charges against his friend, and refused to tell the officers anything. He was treated for minor injuries. Officers believe alcohol was involved.

Some reports just write themselves.

Magic Trick Goes Wrong

Magician Kyle Wallace performed a show at the Arch 1 theater in East London. He performed a trick he had done dozens of times before, which involved slamming his hand against a series of bags containing wood blocks. One of the hidden blocks had a six-inch nail sticking from it. This time, he slammed the wrong bag, and ended up with his hand impaled on the nail, all the way up to the wood block. Luckily, doctors were able to remove the nail the next day. It barely missed his tendons, so Wallace is expected to recover completely. But before he sought medical help, and while he waited for it, audience members and fans clamored for selfies with Wallace and his injured hand.