Chef Cooks Apocalypse Emergency Food; Regrets It

Chris Higgins
YouTube / Sploid
YouTube / Sploid / YouTube / Sploid

There's a whole category of food that exists not because we


to eat it, but because we


. Emergency rations are like that. But emergency rations (and especially Meals Ready to Eat, or MREs), are often surprisingly decent—the logic there being, if you're living through an emergency, you need nutrition and you might as well eat something that's tolerable. (And there's generally dessert!) I have eaten some nearly-expired MREs and found them surprisingly decent—this is a "perk" of having survivalist friends around who actually rotate their supplies every half-decade or so. But what about food designed for the apocalypse? I was not aware that such rations existed, but apparently they do. In this instance, it's a one-time purchase of buckets-o-food and it's unlikely that you'd ever be able to complain to the manufacturer. In the video below, Brooklyn-based chef

Greg Lauro

prepares several options, and concludes: "I would rather just die in a ditch than eat this the rest of my life."

Trigger warning: mild retching. Emetophobes, don't watch.

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