Indonesia Wants to Use Crocodiles as Prison Guards for Drug Convicts

Kirstin Fawcett
iStock / iStock

Thanks to a national drug epidemic, Indonesia has some of the most stringent anti-drug laws in the world. Soon, it might also have one of the toughest prisons for death row narcotics offenders—an island detention center guarded by crocodiles, tigers, and piranhas.

Although the scheme sounds like it’s straight out of a bad spy movie, Agence France-Presse reports that the chief of Indonesia’s anti-narcotics agency, Budi Waseso, came up with—and is dead serious about—the idea. At first, Waseso only proposed that crocs be used to guard the island prison (his logic was that inmates can’t bribe the vicious creatures). However, he’s reportedly since suggested that tigers and piranhas also be used in lieu of human guards.

Waseo plans to travel his country to locate the most fitting (read: dangerous) crocodiles for the job. In the meantime, Indonesia’s anti-drugs ministry is mulling over the idea—a fact that should perhaps be less surprising than it seems, considering that the country already executes drug traffickers via firing squad and prisoners and jail officials alike are often nabbed for narcotics.

[h/t Agence France-Presse