Install a Living Beehive in Your Home

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Indoor beehives may not be everyone’s idea of home decor. But for some, the sight of thousands of bees crawling over their living room wall is the perfect way to feel at one with nature.

Sound appealing? Consider investing in an observation hive. These glass cases are equipped with tubes leading to the outdoors, allowing the bees to come and go at their leisure. Unlike outdoor beekeeping hives, these structures are built to showcase what’s going on inside. Traditional observation hives are generally shaped like windows that can be mounted on a wall or displayed on a table. 

These BEEcosystem hives from the agricultural design startup GreenTowers are made to resemble the hexagonal cells of a honeycomb. Bee enthusiasts can purchase one at a time, or they can connect multiple hives and transform their wall into a living art installation. 

Living Interiors

Living Interiors

Bees aren’t just interesting to look at; they’re also a vital part of our economy. Each year bees pollinate more than $20 billion worth of crops in the U.S. If you’d like to give these industrious creatures a home without having to share your own, there are also plenty of beekeeping products designed for outdoor use. 

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