Silence Snoring With This High-Tech Nose Patch

Michele Debczak
Silent Partner via Youtube
Silent Partner via Youtube / Silent Partner via Youtube

Most anti-snoring mechanisms are designed to stop snoring at the source, guaranteeing a comfortable night’s sleep for everyone involved. The Silent Partner takes a different approach by simply suppressing the sound.

The device works by utilizing active noise cancellation technology. When users position the patch across their nose, it automatically senses the snoring and emits a counter sound to cancel it out. According to the product’s Indiegogo video, “It’s as simple as a plus and minus.”

While combating snoring with additional noise may seem counterproductive, there are over 600 backers who disagree. It took less than a week before the product's Indiegogo campaign was fully funded and there’s still a month left for investors to pledge. Sadly several of their pre-order packages have already sold out, but you can still enjoy their hilarious promotional video.