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Learn How to Use Whiskey to Start a Fire

Caitlin Schneider

Whiskey is pretty much perfect for drinking around a campfire. As it turns out, it’s pretty perfect for starting a campfire too.

In this video from Backpacker, editor Casey Lyons demonstrates two (yes, two) methods for getting a fire going with booze. The first is one you probably already know: as an accelerant. Anything over 80 proof is highly flammable and should work nicely to catch a flame. That, of course, assumes you have a lighter or match to begin with—but if you don’t, the second method can come into play. A round bottle of whiskey filled with some water can become a magnifying glass, which, if the sun is out, can be used to heat kindling to ignition. 

Now you have an excuse to always keep whiskey on hand (not that you needed one).

[h/t Lifehacker]