Turn Your Phone Into a Night Light With This Tiny Clip-On Lampshade

Peleg Design via Designboom
Peleg Design via Designboom / Peleg Design via Designboom

A smartphone’s flashlight feature is useful for finding a way through pitch darkness, but it's lacking in other areas. If you’ve ever wanted to mellow your phone’s harsh glow with a pocket-sized lampshade, the Luma has got you covered.

The translucent “lampshade” clips over your phone’s flashlight to provide a makeshift night light wherever you are. The design, a collaboration between Peleg Design Studio and the Holon Institute of Technology, is simple yet game-changing. The phone can be used as a soothing bedside night light as well as a portable reading lamp. As long as you have a smartphone handy, the Luma will guarantee you never have to squint your eyes to read in the dark again.

The acrylic accessory is available in three colors: grey, blue, and red. You can purchase one for yourself for $10 at the Designboom shop.

Peleg Design via Designboom

Peleg Design via Designboom

[h/t: Designboom]