Artist Creates Rings Out of Cotton Candy

Rebecca OConnell
Martijntje Cornelia, Etsy
Martijntje Cornelia, Etsy / Martijntje Cornelia, Etsy

Anyone who has ever enjoyed rock candy knows that sugar can crystallize into very cool shapes. It's a property that Dutch designer Martijntje Cornelia decided to take advantage of when she began making jewelry out of cotton candy. 

Cornelia leaves her cotton candy outside in parks or on bridges and lets the jewelry take form. Different weather conditions alter the shape, color, and size of the piece. After enough time passes and the sugar has solidified, the artist retrieves her "rocks." They're then covered in a thick coat of resin and attached to rings. Despite being made of candy, they make convincing geodes.

Once purchased, the ring continues to warp and change with wear. While that might sound like cause for concern, Cornelia encourages her customers to enjoy the process. "It is really up to the wearer of my jewelry what will happen. Sunlight or water can cause changes in colour and shape. That’s the unique experience you get from wearing one of my pieces!" she said.

You can buy yourself one of these unique rings here

[h/t: Fubiz]