Pump Yourself Up With This Supercut of Speeches From Sports Movies

Anna Green

If you’ve got a big game coming up—or a stressful day at work ahead—this supercut might be just the thing to get you ready to tackle the task at hand. Drawn from some of the greatest sports movies of the last few decades, “Movie Coach Super Speech” weaves together more than 30 of the most iconic motivational speeches of all time.

Unlike most supercuts, this one coalesces into a single epic speech that, considering it’s culled from so many movies, is surprisingly coherent. It’s a giant mash-up of platitudes, affectionate insults, gruff encouragement, and prayers, but even as it mocks common sports movie tropes, it also manages to feel like the ultimate motivational speech.

The video was made by Andy Schneider and Jonathan Britnell (the duo behind YouTube channel Burger Fiction) for Esquire, as part of a bracket tournament in which readers can vote for the greatest movie coach of all time. Check out the Esquire tournament here. And watch Mr. Miyagi, Gordon Bombay, Herman Boone, and more share their words of wisdom above.

Banner Image Credit: Burger Fiction, Youtube