11 Better Gifts for College Students


College students are busy, and most don’t have the time (or the cash) to buy themselves items to make life easier. Do the undergrad in your life a favor with these 11 stress-relieving gift ideas.

1. Parrot Zik 2.0 Headphones; $399 

Despite what they tell you on the tour, college libraries are far from a silent study environment. Parrot’s Zik 2.0 headphones feature six microphones that detect and eliminate outside noises from your listening experience. They also connect to your phone via Bluetooth and alert you when you’re receiving incoming calls via text-to-voice caller ID.

Find it: Parrot

2. Clocky Runaway Alarm Clock; $39.99 

Students who own a Clocky will never sleep through another 8 a.m. class (at least not without meaning to). This innovative alarm clock can jump from a three-foot nightstand and use its two wheels to roll across the floor, forcing snoozers to get up and chase it if they want peace and quiet.

Find it: Amazon 

3. Passion Planner; $29.99 

Time management is the key to surviving college in one piece. The Passion Planner allows students to organize their schedules on a sleek template while also making space for daily focuses, weekly challenges, and monthly check-in sections.

Find it: Passion Planner

4. USB Foot Warmers; $39.99 

The cold linoleum floors that come standard in so many dorm rooms make slippers a necessity. These narwhal-shaped foot warmers take comfort to the next level by plugging into your laptop through a USB cord for extra toastiness. Sounds like the perfect thing to come home to after a chilly walk back from the last class of the day.

Find it: ModCloth 

5. Scratch Map; $28.95 

With today’s study abroad programs, college can also be used as an opportunity to travel the globe. This map of the world lets students scratch off the countries they’ve visited while inspiring them to plan their next adventure.

Find it: Uncommon Goods 

6. Infuser Water Bottle; $10.25 

With everything college students have on their plates, proper hydration can fall by the wayside. The core of this water bottle can be filled with chopped up fruits, making for quick and easy infused drinks. This flavorful twist might be enough to convince students to bring water to class (but good luck getting them to swap it for their morning coffee).

Find it: Amazon 

7. Sort-A-Sack Laundry Backpack; $34.98 

College laundry rooms are inevitably crowded, expensive, and worst of all, far. This hanging hamper can be converted into a backpack when students are ready to make the dreaded trek, simplifying at least one step of the process. 

Find it: Dorm Smart 

8. Microwavable S’Mores Maker; $11.49 

A student’s culinary capabilities are often limited to what they can make in a microwave. While building a campfire in a dorm room is not recommended, this microwavable s’mores maker is an adorable substitute.

Find it: Amazon 

9. Robo Vacuum; $15.95 

Say goodbye to pencil shavings and pest-attracting debris. This mini robot sucks up dry crumbs and scraps while also making an adorable knick-knack for any student’s desktop.

Find it: Hog Wild Toys 

10. Mindfulness Coloring Book; $5.50 

Coloring isn’t a class you’ll see offered at many colleges, but maybe that’s something that should change. The Mindfulness Coloring Book is filled with pages of elegant designs especially made for grownups to color in. Sitting down with the book and some coloring pages at the end of the day is the perfect way for students to decompress after class and get in touch with their inner child. 

Find it: Amazon

11. Sloth Tea Infuser; $9.95 

Which college student doesn’t love a good cup of tea? It’s hard not to relax at the end of a hard day when this adorable sloth tea infuser is peering out of your mug.

Find it: Stash Tea