Would You Put Ketchup Leather on Your Burger?

Screenshot via YouTube
Screenshot via YouTube /

Screenshot via YouTube


According to at least one evil genius of a chef, ketchup does not need to be a liquid. Plan Check, a restaurant with three locations around Los Angeles, tops its burgers with a dehydrated version of the beloved condiment instead. It’s like fruit leather, but the fruit in this case is tomato paste blended with soy sauce, garlic, and spices. 

The Ketchup Leather mixture is dehydrated, cut up into squares, and then laid out on burgers. The heat of the grilled meat melts it back down. It’s a neat way to ensure you’re getting an even spread of condiment on your burger without overloading it. (It probably also prevents the ketchup from shooting out the back of the bun too much.) But does it completely melt, or do you end up with half-mouthfuls of tomato leather? Guess we’ll have to head to L.A. to find out.

Watch the process in the video below (and prepare to get very, very hungry):

[h/t: Tech Insider]