Facebook Will Now Offer to Untag You From All Those Pictures With Your Ex

Shaunacy Ferro

Modern social networks have introduced a very modern conundrum: How do you avoid your exes when they won’t stop popping up on your Facebook feed? Starting today, the social media site has, finally, introduced a solution—new tools to help you tweak your newsfeed after a breakup.

Now, when you change your relationship status on Facebook, a number of tools will pop up helping you make those adjustments. And the optional settings cover all the bases when it comes to helping you remove those terrible reminders of your once-happy coupledom.

You can choose to see less of your former flame, or limit where you see him or her (you might not mind having his or her name pop up in a friend's comments section, but not in your suggested tags, for instance). You can instantly change your privacy settings so that your ex gets fewer updates from you as well as modify how much other people see posts of the two of you together. And you can untag yourself from every post with the object of your heartbreak in one fell swoop.

The function is rolling out on U.S.-based mobile feeds today, and will likely be expanded elsewhere in the future. Your move, Twitter. 

[h/t: The Verge]

All images via Facebook