Copenhagen Is Getting a Skyscraper-Height Pedestrian Bridge

Shaunacy Ferro

Copenhagen pedestrians are in for a wild view when the Copenhagen Gate opens on its harbor in a few years. The project includes a 210-foot-tall bridge (65 meters) spanning the water between two skyscrapers, designed to make the buildings more accessible to public transportation by creating a very high shortcut between the towers.

Designed by American architect Steven Holl, the towers conjoined by the elevated bridge were selected in a competition in 2008, but the project has been delayed by economic hardship. Construction is now due to start in 2016, the architects announced last week, and while the bicycle path portion of the development has been scrapped, there will still be quite the vertigo-inducing walkway over the harbor. (According to a press representative from Steven Holl Architects, "alternative solutions are being pursued" for cyclists.)

The bridge had to be extra tall to accommodate cruise ships passing between the buildings in the Copenhagen harbor. It's not the most convenient walkway for people on the ground to get to, but the path is guaranteed to provide a killer view.

[h/t: Co.Exist]

All images courtesy Steven Holl