Watch Chocolates Take Shape In This Delicious Short Documentary


Nicolas Berger sees making chocolate as the ultimate art form—one which requires creativity, precision, and an incredibly nuanced understanding not only of one’s creations, but one’s materials. Berger, who designs and manufactures chocolate delicacies at Alain Ducasse's Le Chocolat in Paris, grew up in a family that took chocolate extremely seriously. His father, Peter Berger, was a pastry chef and chocolate maker, and Nicolas spent his childhood in his father’s pastry workshop, learning his secrets.

In the short documentary Le Chocolat, director Simon Pénochet shows Berger hard at work inside the magical Alain Ducasse chocolate factory, where craftspeople and machines churn out an array of candy creations. Like a low-key Willy Wonka, Berger oversees operations, tests out his ingredients, and works the old-fashioned machines that transform beans into beautiful chocolate bars.

“Alain Ducasse's new chocolate factory was created with the willingness to get back to the roots of chocolate making: a careful, slow and patient work, craftsmanship and machines being as one,” Pénochet explains. Check it out above.

Banner Image Credit: Simon Pénochet, Vimeo