This High-Tech Doorbell Shows You Who's At The Door No Matter Where You Are

Anna Green

A tech startup has created the ultimate smart doorbell: Called Ring, the high-tech gadget comes loaded with a camera, motion sensors, and microphone, so it’ll not only tell you when someone’s at the door, but let you communicate with them on your mobile device, and even monitor the area around the house while you’re away. 

Ring offers a simple solution to a whole range of everyday problems, from avoiding annoying neighbors to preventing burglaries. Since most home invaders start by ringing the doorbell to see whether anyone’s in, the app—which notifies you that someone’s at the door no matter where you are—can make it seem like you’re always home. Not only will the intercom system let you pretend to be in when you’re not, but the camera app will show you when you’ve got unwanted visitors. Check out the Ring product video above to see the full range of functions, as well as a few tricks you can play on unwanted guests.

[h/t: Engadget]

Banner Image Credit: Ring, Youtube