This Smart Dog Bowl Monitors Your Pet's Diet and Food Supply

Andrew LaSane

Having trouble keeping track of your best friend's diet? Thanks to a San Francisco-based team of dog lovers, there's now an app (and a bowl) for that.

The Obe ProBowl, designed by Matter, boasts a number of features that should make caring for a pet simpler. The bowl (when paired with the mobile app) can weigh the amount of food you pour into it and glows red once your pup has consumed the proper portion. It also keeps a log of feeding times, sends an alert when your dog isn't eating, and automatically orders more food when the supply is low. An Indiegogo campaign is underway to bring the product to pet owners everywhere.


There are other smart pet products on the market, like the PetNet Smartfeeder, that have added features such as hands-free feeding and programmable schedules. The tradeoff: They're significantly bulkier than the Obe ProBowl, which houses all of its electronics in the base. Check out the video above and the product's Indiegogo page to learn more about Matter's smart bowl.

[h/t FastCoDesign]