Experience Two Months on an Icebreaker Boat in Five Minutes

Michele Debczak

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to sail onboard an icebreaker, this time-lapse video, compiled by marine scientist and Stanford Ph.D. student Cassandra Brooks, condenses nearly two months of travel into less than five minutes. 

In 2013, Brooks joined the Nathaniel B. Palmer research vessel to study the phytoplankton bloom and organic carbon in the waters of Antarctica’s Ross Sea. But in order to do that, a particularly strong ship was required to break through the icy ocean surface. An icebreaker vessel features a strengthened haul, specially shaped for splitting up ice, with the power to push through it. Brooks’ video allows you to experience the ups and downs of her Antarctic journey—without experiencing the subzero temperatures.

[h/t: Kids Should See This]