Astronomy-Themed Planters Take Their Inspiration From the Kuiper Belt

Rebecca OConnell
Katerina Kopytina
Katerina Kopytina / Katerina Kopytina

When creating her series of hanging planters, Moscow-based designer Katerina Kopytina lets the solar system be her muse. For this series, Kopytina paid tribute to the Kuiper Belt. The disc-shaped region is found just beyond Neptune and is believed to be home to numerous icy bodies, including the former planet Pluto.

"Each pot represents a new form of life, which is denoted by its symbol on the bottom of the pot," Kopytina explained on her website. There's no shortage of forms to provide inspiration: the Belt contains more than 1000 confirmed objects, not counting the estimated 100,000 others the region contains.

[h/t: Contemporist]

All images courtesy of Katerina Kopytina