Artist Carves Skeletons Into Fruit With Creepy Results

Rebecca OConnell
Monica Piloni
Monica Piloni / Monica Piloni

Sculptor Monica Piloni has a knack for taking innocuous things—horses, ballerinas, dolls—and contorting them into the stuff of nightmares. Her macabre take on fruit might make you think twice before picking up an orange any time soon. 

Piloni carves tiny ribcages and places them inside the flesh of fruits. Cross-sections of figs, oranges, papayas, and peaches are displayed showing their unsettling, glistening insides. The imagery of fruit with a spine is deeply disturbing for some, but it can also be hard to look away. The skeletal structures, made from vinyl and acrylic, re-contextualize the flesh. Despite the ribcage being the only addition to the fruit, the products look as gory as any butcher shop. 

You can see more of Piloni's morbid artwork on her website

[h/t: Design Boom]

All images courtesy Monica Piloni.