These Are the Most Popular Emojis People Use When Tweeting About TV

Wikipedia / Wikipedia

Sometimes, the emotional reaction caused by an episode of television just can’t be put into words. Thankfully, we have a wide range of emojis to choose from when tweeting about our favorite shows.

Twitter recently released a report breaking down how emojis are being used on their platform, specifically in tweets about television. As of July, about 14 percent of all TV-related tweets contained an emoji compared to just under 10 percent when the characters were first made available in April of last year.

Of all the emojis Twitter users chose when expressing their TV-induced emotions, “face with tears of joy” was by far the favorite. (It was also recently announced as Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year.) Appearing in 24 percent of all TV tweets that used an emoji, it was twice as popular as the runner-up, “smiling face with heart-shaped eyes."

The genre of television in question also impacts which emojis are included, or whether they're included at all. Tweets about music shows were the most likely to feature emojis, with dramas and reality shows close behind. Dramas elicited more face-based characters, ranging from “face screaming in fear” to “unamused.” Conversely, reality shows tended to garner more raised hands and applause. 

You can check out Twitter’s full report here.