Create Your Own Customized Poop Emoji

Shaunacy Ferro
WaterAid / WaterAid

There’s now an app for those moments when a plain poop emoji is just not enough. The WaterAid Emoji Creator lets you create custom poop emojis, for those times when you really need “smiling poop with pizza” or “cool lady poop with Starbucks.” 

WaterAid is a nonprofit that helps bring sanitation and clean water to some of the world’s poorest regions. An estimated 2.3 billion people in the world don’t have adequate sanitation, and 315,000 kids under 5 die every year from diseases related to dirty water. The app is free, but comes with the option to donate to the organization.

Whether or not you throw some change at the toilet-friendly nonprofit, you can share your favorite poop emoji with your social media followers. You can customize the little swirl’s shape, color, mouth shape, and eyes. You can add accessories and facial hair. Sharing your whimsical excrement creations helps raise awareness for #giveashit, WaterAid’s sanitation awareness campaign. It’s toilet humor with a purpose.

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