Google Lets Users Immerse Themselves in the Star Wars Universe


Avoiding Star Wars-mania at this stage in the game is nearly impossible. With The Force Awakens, the saga's latest chapter, hitting theaters around the world in less than a month (December 17, in the U.S.), the property has once again permeated every facet of pop culture and advertising in this galaxy and others far, far away. Because it is "useless to resist," Google has joined the party, allowing users to customize their browsing experience by either joining the Light or Dark side.

With the invitation to #ChooseYourSide, Google has added special Star Wars-themed features to its suite of apps and products, including Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Chromecast, Google Translate, Google Now, Google Search, Waze, Android Wear, Google Calendar, and Inbox by Gmail. There are custom wallpapers, icons, sound effects, and themes that automatically appear on the various apps when you visit and align yourself with the Jedi or the Sith.


According to Tech Crunch, Waze users will find that C-3PO is now a part of the voice guidance system for the app. Star Wars-related events can be added to your Google Calendar, and the little guy in Google Maps has been given a makeover as either a First Order Stormtrooper or a Resistance Pilot, with either a TIE fighter or X-Wing as his preferred mode of transportation. Loading bars become lightsabers, and other cool features change the way you browse and use Google, until you visit the landing page again and turn them off.

Impressive, most impressive.

Screenshot, Gmail

Screenshot, Google Maps

 [h/t: Tech Crunch]