The Right Way to Carve a Turkey, According to the Culinary Institute of America


Removing the meat from the carcass of a bird is a delicate process that many of us attempt (or watch) every year, and while getting the meat to the plates of your starving kin is the true mark of success, there's a right way and a wrong way to get it done.

In the video above, Brendan Walsh, chef and Dean of Culinary Education at the Culinary Institute of America, walks viewers through the art of turkey carving, providing tips and tricks that could save a lot of time and frustration this holiday season. Walsh gives a brief anatomy lesson of the bird's "prime meat" sections and the best points at which to cut so that the pieces stay intact and the skin stays on. He also advises slicing against the grain, which makes the meat more tender. The tutorial is easy to follow, and Walsh's bird is left impressively naked at the end of it. Try his methods on your turkey this year and let us know how it goes.