The Shared Themes of Every Pixar Movie in One Handy Chart

Andrew LaSane

"The Pixar Theory," which attempts to explain how everything in the animation studio's catalog of films is connected, has been thoroughly explored over the years, with Inside Out (2015) being the latest addition to the fictional universe.

In an attempt to map the shared themes of all Pixar feature films from 1995 to 2015 (not including The Good Dinosaur, which opens this week), the team over at Vox created the chart below. Included are plot points as straightforward and fun as "cars can talk" and "someone finds their calling," to others that are slightly more intense (and potentially spoileriffic), like "a loved one is lost."

It's interesting to note that none of the themes apply to every single one of the movies, though a few come close (most have a "mismatched pair of partners," the coming together of an ad hoc community, and a wacky journey). The Cars movies are the only ones (so far) with talking automobiles, and about half of them feature a parent that "realizes that nothing lasts forever." Check out the full Vox chart below:


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[h/t: Vox]

Banner image via Pixar.