These Japanese Babies Broke a Guinness World Record

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Yesterday, a group of Japanese babies proved that you’re never too young for a little healthy competition.

According to Agence France-Presse, a gaggle of 601 wailing infants hustled their way across a 10-foot racecourse in the world’s largest crawling competition. Held in a Yokohama shopping mall, the adorable event set a brand-new Guinness World Record, beating a previous title held by a group of 451 tiny tots from China who crawled their way into the books last year.

While the event may seem bizarre, baby crawling competitions are actually more common than you'd think. Last year, controversy arose after a baby was accused of scooting—not crawling—its way through the Pan-O-Prog baby Crawl-A-Thon in Lakeville, Minnesota. Lithuania hosts a baby-crawling contest in its capital, Vilnius, each year. And last March, the Sacramento Kings basketball team held a casting call for speedy tots to participate in its second annual Baby Race.

Check out the full video of the record-breaking crawling competition on YouTube.

[h/t Time]