The Year's Busiest Travel Dates Aren't What You Thought They Were

Kirstin Fawcett
iStock / iStock

Worried you'll spend the day before Thanksgiving waiting in long airport security lines before finally cramming yourself into a plane's overbooked coach section? According to Quartz, your fears might be unfounded.

While you've surely heard that tomorrow is the year's busiest travel day, writer David Yanofsky reports that an analysis of flight data from 11 different airlines yields a surprising find: Thanksgiving Eve is actually the 121st busiest day of the year to hop on a plane, based on the number of seats on scheduled flights.

The airport is most likely to be congested during mid-summer weekends, when people are going on summer vacation. However, this finding doesn't mean you should expect a leisurely flight schedule this holiday season. Yanofsky found that the year's second-busiest flight day is the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and the 50th busiest is December 18th—a week before Christmas.

For more rankings, check out the full list—and if you're flying this weekend, make sure to pack a good book in your carry-on.

[h/t Quartz]