You Can Purchase Golden Girls-Inspired Underwear

Kirstin Fawcett
Etsy / Etsy

Etsy seller Candice Pugh is a Utah-based designer who transforms conventional unmentionables into hilarious pop-culture-inspired skivvies. Her online shop Bulletsandbees offers intimates emblazoned with the faces of everyone from presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to Bob Ross. But Pugh really gives the phrase “granny panties” a whole new meaning with her collection of Golden Girls-inspired underwear.

The four-pack set is decorated with pictures of the whole gang, and is inspired by each of their unique personalities. You can buy the collection for $160, but if you really just want to own undies with your favorite character on them, Dangerous Minds reports that you can purchase individual pairs for between $38 and $52. Check out a picture of the entire line below—and think about giving all four to someone this Christmas to "thank them for being a friend." 

All images courtesy of Bulletsandbees via Etsy.

[h/t Dangerous Minds]